The Birth Of A New Humanity

Originally posted on Dilara Esengil:
Visionary and healer Drunvalo Melchizedek discloses never-before-shared information about centuries-old pyramids and temples worldwide. Witness the birth of a living Unity Consciousness Grid in 2008 that sparked a global transition affecting every human on the planet. Learn about mankind’s evolution out of Atlantis, global development during the last 13,000-year cycle,…

TRUMP- SAVING AMERICA! — The Marshall Report

WATCH TRUMP RALLY LIVE! PEOPLE GET READY! THE BEST IS YET TO COME! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS TAKING ACTION IN ARIZONA – HE’S JUST BEGINNING TO PLAY HIS TRUMP CARDS! LISTEN LIVE NOW!!!! “We don’t have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for the next election!” President Trump. “They tell me…you are ahead in the… TRUMP-Continue reading “TRUMP- SAVING AMERICA! — The Marshall Report”