Dilara Esengil

Whispers of an E.B.S. (Emergency Broadcast System) alert are making rounds in the patriot and anon circles.

Are we ready for such an announcement?

Will it even phase the numbnuts?

Or will it anger them moar?

Who would deliver such an announcement? An automated robotic voice won’t cut it. It would have to be personal.

So the pretend president? The fake Biden?

That would only anger the sh*t out of patriots worldwide.

So who would be the one to make such an announcement?

The real Potus, DJT?

Surely not. All the stupid people infected with TDS would surely blow moar than a fuse (though they don’t have many left).

Only time will tell What Happens Next.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post with me and Maria Bernadis where we discuss where this whole #WWG1WGA business is headed.

God help us all and lead us all back to Him and to…

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